Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bliss of Ignorance or Ignoring to be Blissful?

My oxygen deprived brain (I've been having breathing trouble for a while now) has been haunted by many questions over the last few weeks, which can be summed up with this big question.  

"Have I been basking in the Bliss of Ignorance or have I been Ignoring Facts just to be Blissful?"

I wonder, what is the cause of this sudden surge of consciousness? Maybe it's the lack of oxygen, did you know? - The Sannyasi's (the real ones) go up in the Himalayas to meditate because the lack of oxygen at high altitude slows down the brain- easy way to meditate :). Most likely, I'm just exaggerating the situation to be death bed like and trying to be all goody-goody.

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