Thursday, 6 December 2012

Organic Terrace Garden

We, my husband Ranjit and I started small with a few herbs and roots, from there we ventured to ornamental plants and Bonsai's, eventually leading to Organic Vegetable gardening. I have always been excited to grow my own food, just that now its more of a necessity than pleasure, considering the fact that I still haven't located an organic vegetable store here in Kochi. If you know about one, please leave a comment with the details of the store, I would be eternally grateful.

The fruits are the result of Ranjit's love, care and his exceptionally good green thumb. The only effort that I took, was to have read this article, about this awesome initiative by the Kerala Government to provide the residents in cities with grow bags and seeds at subsidized rates. When I called the Horticulture Mission Perumbavoor, I was told that since I'm not living in a city, the scheme is not available to me. I was not going to give up coz I had a terrace and I knew that they had to include me in the scheme. I then called Kochi Horticulture Mission (For details contact: Agri-Horti Culture Society: 0484-2362738; Better Kochi Response Group: 9895404108.) and was told, if I register my name, I can go collect the plants on the date given by them from an address in Kochi town. Got myself registered and after three weeks, got 20 growbags full of potting soil and seedlings each of Ladys finger, tomato, brinjal, green chillies, beans (payar) and seeds for red spinach (cheera) (which we haven't planted yet).

Good news about Kerala becoming a completely organic state in 5years time. I just hope the plans actually work out...

These are a few pictures of our healthy Organic Terrace Kitchen Garden. :)

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